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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can submit to Flourish?
    We welcome submissions from current undergraduates and master's students, as well as anyone within a year of graduating from one of these degrees. We consider submissions regardless of the applicant's country of origin or country of study.
  • Do you accept pieces that have been published elsewhere?
    We do not accept pieces that have already been published elsewhere - online or in print. (In some cases we may make exceptions for submissions that have been substantially reworked or shortened. Please contact us at to ask.) If, after you have been published or rejected by Flourish, you wish you publish your writing elsewhere, then this is up to the discretion of the other publisher.
  • Do word counts include bibliographies, footnotes and/or references?
    In accordance with standard academic practice, please do not include the bibliography or references in your word count. However, please do include footnotes.
  • Will you consider submissions from Flourish team members?
    We request that Flourish editors do not submit to the journal, anonymously or under their own name. If you wish to submit a piece and edit for us, then we request you choose one or the other should both applications be successful.
  • Do you have to identify as part the Effective Altruism community to submit?
    Definitely not! We are happy to consider submissions from anyone, regardless of their level of identification with the Effective Altruism community. Indeed, not even all of our team members identify as part of EA.
  • I'm not sure if my essay is good enough to submit...
    We can't tell without looking at it! Many students feel unduly insecure about their work, and we would be sad to miss out on your paper because of this.
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