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Announcing the launch of Flourish!

Flourish is a multidisciplinary student research journal. We publish impact-focused research tackling some of the world's most pressing problems.

Our mission:

  1. Encourage high-quality research on how to make the world a better place.

  2. Support the next generation of impact-focused academics.

We want to create a space where students can explore high-impact research questions, as well as offer the tools and resources to pursue a career in impact-focused academia.

Our Origins:

Flourish was founded by two students who were passionate about the need for a student space to work on high-impact research questions- you can find out more about our team here. We are aligned with the principles of Effective Altruism and believe in using evidence and reason to work out how to improve the world as much as possible. We are proud to be funded by EA Funds, a grant-making organisation that funds charities and projects tackling some of the world's most pressing problems.

Our Call to Action:

Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, humanities or STEM student, experienced researcher or new to the field, Flourish is the place to publish!

We're looking for change-driven work that considers the route to positive impact in every step of the research process, from selecting a research question to writing concluding remarks.

Whilst we are aligned with the principles of Effective Altruism, we welcome submissions from anyone, no matter your view on Effective Altruism. In fact, we encourage submissions that challenge our existing ideas on how to do the most good.

You can read more about our submission guidelines here or find inspiration for your next article here.

Stay in touch:

You can keep updated on our progress by:

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